About Us

Aaram Beverages is an inspirational powerhouse of innovation and free spirit and our aim is to deliver unparalleled excellence. From choosing the very bestof ingredients to employing the best distillers and set up, we ensure that every drop our signature blend isthe taste of passion and success.

Our creative minds are our primary engine and we work with flair and passion to deliver the best varieties and flavours with absolute attention to detail to create an ‘experience’. Blending tradition and technology, art and science, patience and devotion, we ensure that your senses awaken not only to the aroma but also to the exquisite flavour and texture of all our products.

Our products have been appreciated and well received and have been marked for their perfect ageing, bold flavour and the subtle but strong impression left. Centred purely around you and you alone, our products are a testament of a royal taste and a passion to enjoy the best things in life.

Welcome to a world where ideas embody not only beverages but the very capabilities and endeavours, a world of balance, harmony and elegance…welcome to Aaram.

Founder Profiles

Mr. Aravind

Aravind is the co-founder of Aaaram Beverages. An MBA from the Symbiosis Center for Management and Human Resources Development, he brings excellence to business planning, marketing, sales and new product development. Often lauded for his quick thinking and passionate approach to work, Aravind is instrumental in setting high standards for Aaaram Beverages.

With stints in some of the largest liquor companies in the world (Anheuser-Busch InBev, SABMiller and Jagjit Industries Limited) in senior positions, he brings unmatched know-how of the Indian market, a real sense of consumer preference and in depth sales and marketing strategies.

Mr. M.K Ramesh

Director and co-founder Mr. Ramesh brings excellence in production planning, efficiency improvement, accounting, statutory compliances, vendor management and purchase processes.

He believes in a holistic approach to any activity, built on the view that the best products sell themselves. His belief drives the operational excellence of Aaram and ensures that the company DNA is a balance of business priorities, creativity and absolute customer satisfaction. Conscientious and diligent, he carries over rich experience from the manufacturing and service industries.

With rigorous analytical rigour and a complete understanding of business priorities, Ramesh is the go-to man for all day to day operational matters. Mr.Ramesh has completed his bachelors in chemistry and is an MBA post graduate.


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